The Fantasy F1 Championship (FF1) is a fantasy league based on the current season of the FIA Formula 1 Championship. FF1 Participants select drivers on a per-round basis that they feel have a shot at scoring points in the F1 Drivers Championship, and earn their own fantasy points if their picked drivers succeed. The goal of the league is to add an additional element of competition to the F1 season with a minimal effort by the participants, thus making each round more exciting and harder to miss watching! The FF1 system is very simple compared to many other fantasy leagues, and allows anyone with even a passing interest to learn all they need to know about F1 to do well in the league.
  • Each participant selects 6 drivers per Grand Prix round
  • Based on official F1 results, if a participant's picked drivers score World Championship points, then the participant scores the same number of fantasy points (this includes situations where double or half points are awarded, and bonus points for fastest lap)
  • A participant may not pick a driver more than once per round
  • A participant may not pick a driver more than 10 times during the season
  • Picks are required to be submitted prior to each grand prix. Once the deadline has passed, picks may not be modified.
    • For conventional race weekends: Picks must be submitted before the start of the Qualifying session.
    • For sprint shootout race weekends: Picks must be submitted before the start of the Sprint session.
    • In extreme situations (ex. technical issues with the website), and in the spirit of fairness, the administrator may retroactively apply picks for a participant if they have made arrangements with the administator prior to the deadline.
  • The 4 lowest scoring rounds for each participant will be dropped from the season points calculation.
  • In the case of a points tie, the participant that picked the most race winners (then runner ups, then 3rds, etc) will be considered the victor. If there is still a tie after that, then the prize will be split equally
  • Entry fees must be submitted before a participant is eligible to score points
  • The league adminstrators reserve all rights to manipulate the rules as necessary in the interest of fair competition

The 4 lowest scoring rounds throughout the entire season for each participant will be excluded from the season points calculation. The intent is to allow participants that miss making their picks to recover from their missed round. In order for the season standings to make more sense during the run of the season, results will only factor in one drop per every 6 completed rounds. Keep in mind that drivers picked in rounds dropped due to low scores will still count towards the driver pick limit, meaning that there may be strategy in skipping a round in order to save driver picks! A participant may not specify alternate rounds to be dropped. Only the 4 lowest scoring rounds will be automatically dropped.
The buy-in for the season is USD$20 per participant, collected via PayPal, plus PayPal fees (see below). Entry fees will remain in our PayPal account until the end of the season. Because this is a non-profit league and the administrators do not keep any money for running the season, we must pass along the PayPal fees to the participants. The break-down of fees is as follows:
Fee Amount
Entry fee USD$20
+ PayPal fee to send awards 2.99% of the entry fee
+ PayPal fee to receive entry fee 2.99% of the entry fee + the award fee
+ PayPal flat fee for online order processing USD$0.30
Total Cost of Entry: USD$21.51

Payout is determined as a percentage of the total money collected based your final standings position, and the number of participants. Payout will occur via PayPal to the account that submitted the entry fees.
Number of Participants 1st 2nd 3rd
less than 5 100% -- --
5 to 10 80% 20% --
more than 10 50% 30% 20%

Please visit the Registration Page and follow the instuctions to create an account! Or contact us at or find us in the Motorsports Forum on the SECCS message board with any questions.
Once your account is registered, you will need to login with your username and password. The login box is located at the top of the page. After logging in, you can get to your picks manager by clicking on the 'My Picks' link on the main menu. The picks manager page lists all of your picks for the season, as well as pick counts, and fantasy points scored. You may use the form at the top of the page to edit picks for rounds that have not started. Remember that picks are not in any order, as long as any of your picks score in the points you'll get those points for yourself. Picks may also be made via the Driver's Roster page. From there you may check drivers and add them as picks for a particular up coming round. Once picked, those drivers will show up in your picks manager page. Note that once qualifying starts for a round, you will be locked out from making any changes to your picks for that round. Keep an eye on the deadlines for the rounds, or make sure you pre-pick some baseline drivers ahead of time in case you're caught out when qualifying starts.
To keep on top of the season, add your email address to your user details and select your preferences for receiving email. You may choose to receive a 24-hour reminder email, a 3-hour forgotten picks email, and notifications for round go-live or results.
The website features a conversation blog that participants may use to discuss the season as it progresses. The most recent comments are posted at the top of the blog. Older comments may be reviewed by selecting the Blog Archive link from the main menu. The blog may be disabled via the settings on your user details page. The blog is provided as a means to enhance the communal experience throughout the F1 season. Due to the competitive nature of the league, good natured ribbing and some level of adult language is expected, however any use of derogatory, racist, bigoted, or hate-speech type language is grounds for removal from the league. Additionally, any negative comments directed at another participant will be dealt with harshly. Anyone removed for violating these (hopefully common sense) guidelines will not be eligible for a refund of entry fees, nor will they be eligible for any prizes. Moderators reserve the right to modify or delete posts in the blog as needed. Administrators have the final say regarding what constitutes a violation of these rules.
Please contact the administrator here: We are also reachable on the SECCS message board. If you're not a member, feel free to sign up! To contact us on the board, post in the Motorsports Forum, or send the administrator a Private Message.